RediShade is dedicated to making window coverings simple and easy

The Goal of this project was to design a sample book to help potential consumers seamlessly navigate through RediShade's new line of Single Cell Shades while shopping in-store at The Home Depot

About the project

While working at The Engine Is Red, several designers were tasked to design individual elements and sections of a large product sample book that RediShade would provide to The Home Depot. I was tasked with the Artisan Cell section, where I was completely responsible for design conception and implementation. I was also responsible for sourcing images. My design set the tone for all other material, style, and color sections, in addition to all section cover pages.

Other team members were responsible for elements such as messaging, navigation, and the cover etc. Originally, I designed one of three cover concepts. My concept wasn’t selected but some elements of my design were merged into the selected cover design upon client request.

The RediShade sample book will soon be hitting The Home Depot stores nationwide.