CamelBak Products, LLC is an outdoors equipment company best known for its hydration products

The Goal of this project was to a create a simple, easy-to-understand instructional hangtag for CamelBak's 2016 Reversable Arête™ pack

About the project

While working as a contractor at CamelBak, I worked on many product packaging pieces—this is just one example. CamelBak's Arête™ pack is reversable, but they learned from their seasons past, that the user had a difficult time understanding how to actually use and reverse the pack—even though they included an instructional hangtag on every product. I was tasked with the responsability of discovering the best design approach to solve this problem, in order to easily explain the product to the end user—and then, of course, designing the hangtag itself. This resulted in a very simple yet understandable hangtag.