I'm a 29 year old Visual designer, a husband, and organic food enthusiast

About Jordan

I grew up in Oceanside, CA—a small beach town in North County San Diego. In my early years, I spent most my time surfing, drawing, and making music. It wasn't until 2007 that I discovered Adobe Creative Suite 3, but it didn't take long before I identified my new passion. Instead of pursuing Business Marketing, which was my goal at the time, I pressed-in to learning graphic design. After Spending several years on staff designing for Calvary Vista in the San Diego area, I decided to take my work to the streets and try my hand at freelancing back in 2012. Creating small business and corporate company logos, brochures, and other marketing materials were all a part of a normal week.

In January of 2014 my wife and I moved to Santa Rosa, CA—also known as the heart of Sonoma County. After designing for print and graphics for web-use for about 7 years, it was then I decided to jump head first into web design, so naturally, I went back to class. After learning HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, and Bootstrap, I was able to offer my clients web design services. Throughout 2014 and 2015 I’ve had the opportunity to work as a contract designer for several reputable companies such as CamelBak and Lagunitas in Petaluma and The Engine Is Red in Santa Rosa. Additionally, while at The Engine Is Red, I had the opportunity to work on projects for Medtronic, RediShade, and Enphase—to name a few.

Aside from work—I live a relatively normal life. But as for some highlights: I've been abundantly blessed with a beautiful and loving wife + best friend, and I could probably spend every minute with her and not get bored; I'm into craft everything (or at least almost everything)—but I'd like to think, without the snobbery; If you can't find me at my desk or with my wife, you may be able to find me playing music at Refuge Christian Fellowship, or dining at Hana Japanese Restaurant or Soban Korean Cuisine. On that note—to me, food and design have some common ground. I believe that whether I'm making fish tacos, or whether I'm designing a logo or website, it deserves 100% heart, 100% mind, and 100% of the absolute best ingredients available—and I think for design, one of those ingredients is: why? —and I keep that question in mind whenever I design.