Visual Designer
Santa Rosa, California



After Spending several years on staff designing for Calvary Vista in the San Diego area, I decided to take my work to the streets and try my hand at freelancing back in 2012. Creating small business and corporate company logos, brochures, and other marketing materials were all a part of a normal week.

I moved to Santa Rosa in January of 2014, and since August of that year, I’ve been working as a freelance contract designer for several companies such as CamelBak in Petaluma and The Engine Is Red in Santa Rosa. In addition to working on a three month contract with CamelBak, I’ve been able to work on projects for several other reputable companies while at The Engine Is Red such as Medtronic, RediShade, and Enphase, to name a few.

Whether it’s strategically creating brands or fine-tuning the details between pixels, I love design; and in a world that’s often overdesigned, I’m determined to surprise you with simplicity.

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